Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mortified named finalist for ForeWord debut novel contest

The folks at ForeWord Reviews have selected Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing as a finalist in their ForeWord Firsts contest for debut novels.

"They say you never forget your first," the editors wrote in their July 12 email newsletter, ForeWord This Week. "The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain. Carrie by Stephen King. Not bad first efforts by then-unknown authors. Well, here are a few new debut titles, and names, to remember -- all finalists in our quarterly competition we call ForeWord Firsts."

Mortified was the second novel on their list which also included, Courage: A Story of Love and Friendship by Disko Praphanchith, Zinsky the Obscure by Ilan Mochari, Baxter's Friends by Ned Randle and Sparrow Migrations by Cari Noga.

"The winner will be named in a future edition of ForeWord This Week," the editors continued. "They all sound like wonderful debuts."

Tatnuck Bookseller book signing event

Oversharing, embarrassing one's children and the explosion in social media took center stage when I had a book talk at Tatnuck Bookseller in Westborough, MA recently.

After answering questions -- ranging from those about the process of writing and publishing a book, to the days when I used to write about my kids -- I read aloud from sections of Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing.

The next day, I was invited to attend a local book club where I fielded questions about Mortified and character motivations. Some people seem to absolutely despise Mortified's main character, Maggie Kelly, while others have sympathy for her.

Love talkin' books.