Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wall Street Journal highlights 'oversharing'

During the week of the release of Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing, the Wall Street Journal ran a big feature story about the hazards of ... oversharing.

An excerpt from the piece by Elizabeth Bernstein:

"[Sharing too much information] is happening a lot these days thanks to reality TV and social media sites, where it's perfectly normal for people to share every single detail of their lives, no matter how mundane or personal. In the culture we live in, it's hard to remember that some things should be private."

Inside the informational box headlined, "Too Much Information: Avoid It, Recover From It," is the recommendation that before sharing something, you should, "Imagine the negative effects of oversharing and the regret you might feel afterward."

If Mortified's main character, Maggie Kelly, had heeded that advice, she would've been a lot better off ... but then again, there'd be no story to tell.

Image credit: Ben Sanders/Wall Street Journal.

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