Thursday, May 9, 2013

Springfield (Mass.) newspaper, The Republican, features Mortified

The Republican -- the Springfield (Mass.)-based newspaper for which I used to be a reporter when it went by the name of The Union-News -- ran a feature story about oversharing online and my new book, Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing.

An excerpt from the story by Kathryn Roy who described the main character, Maggie Kelly, as suffering "the consequences of sharing too much:"

"The book focuses ... on the relationship between a husband and wife. The relationship becomes strained because the husband doesn't like what his wife is posting online.
It's not just a story. There are more and more relationship problems being reported because of disagreement over online postings. Some couples have been known to argue in public, online, for all to see, and others have cited online revelations as a reason they are seeking a divorce. Still others have been fired from their jobs for their online posts."

Read the whole article here.

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