Monday, May 6, 2013

Dad blogger: 'Mortified is ... very funny'

Brooklyn-based writer Brian Gresko, a blogger with the parenting web site Babble, has given Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing solid kudos.

In his post, "Meredith O'Brien's 'Mortified:' A Novel Reminds Us to Be Kind Online," Gresko reflects on the impact of revealing very personal info online, particularly as dramatized in the novel.

He writes:

"This is interesting, thoughtful material, especially -- but not only -- for bloggers. Because what nowadays doesn't have some kind of online life that involves sharing events, or pictures, or even just links? We all represent ourselves in the public sphere, and it's important to think how we're doing that, not just for ourselves, but also because it affects the people we're talking to and about.

... Meredith O'Brien's Mortified is a timely exploration of what it means to be both a real person and an online presence, and it's a very funny story to boot."

Read Gresko's full review here.

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