Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Book blogger Samantha March puts spotlight on Mortified

Samantha March, who runs the web site Chick Lit Plus, conducted an interview with me about writing, blogging and, of course, Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing.

A sample of the Q&A:

March: What are your thoughts on blogs and how people can do like the character in your book -- overshare?

O'Brien: I honestly don't think that the majority of people who overshare do so with ill-intent. People are oftentimes just looking to vent and aren't necessarily assessing the long-term implications of the material they're sharing online.

In the case of the main character in this book, Maggie Kelly, she's very unhappy with her life and doesn't have a good outlet for her intense dissatisfaction. She creates a blog, which she thinks is anonymous, and treats it like an online diary when, in all honesty, she shouldn't. No one should.

Maggie thinks that the angry and ugly feelings that are churning inside of her which she shares online will never be connected to her because she doesn't list her last name or her hometown. She turns out to be very, very wrong about that. In real life, we've seen countless stories of people who've created "anonymous" blogs who wound up getting fired or otherwise humiliated when their blogging identity was revealed.

Read the whole interview here.

Image credit: Samantha March.

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