Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Manic Mommies' podcast interview about oversharing

I had the privilege of speaking with Kristin Brandt, one of the two Manic Mommies, about media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings, my favorite television shows and my novel Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing.

We discussed oversharing online and why I haven't been blogging about my kids all that much. (Answer: Because they now know how to Google and don't want Mom blabbing their private business all over the internet.)

You can download the free podcast on iTunes or listen to it here.

Image credit: Manic Mommies.

Metro Boston area newspaper features Meredith O'Brien and Mortified

MetroWest Daily News (Framingham, Mass.) columnist Julia Spitz conducted an interview with me about oversharing, blogging and, of course, Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing.

A couple excerpts:

"No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Unless Mom blogs about every painful and funny detail.

Still, no one knows whose doors they're looking behind if Mom is anonymous.

But what if Mom's loose-lipped and blogs about children 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2,' husband 'Wanna-be King' who's not always super in the sack, and a mother-in-law nicknamed for Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, garner so much attention Mom ends up on a radio talk show?

You'd have the premise for Southborough author Meredith O'Brien's Mortified: A Novel About Oversharing."

About comparisons between main character Maggie Kelly and Meredith's blogging style, I said:

"I put conscious boundaries around what I write about [regarding my family] and what would be off-limits. However, there are bloggers and writers who seemingly hold very little to nothing back. While I marvel at their honesty and am riveted by their content, I often wonder about the reactions of their friends and family members to the online candidness. And as social media has grown exponentially ... the opportunities and temptations to overshare abound."

Early reviews for Mortified

Joanna Weiss, Boston Globe columnist and author of Milkshake:

"A funny, empathetic novel about family, frustration and the perils of miscommunication. Maggie's blogging misadventures are familiar to us all, and her voice is irresistible."

Suzanne Strempek Shea, award-winning author of several novels including Becoming Finola and Selling the Lite of Heaven:

"I am so glad overwhelmed suburban mom Maggie Kelly wasn't writing about me in her vent-gone-viral blog Maggie Has Had It, but am so thrilled Meredith O'Brien indeed has written about her. Dig right into this very satisfying parfait of fiction that reads keenly as fact happening behind the closed curtains right next door to you, marital drama harshly exposed to the light of day via this smart, sharp and funny look at what happens when one woman's personal TMI world explodes."

Jen Singer, author of several books including You're A Good Mom (and Your Kids Aren't so Bad Either) and award-winning blogger at MommaSaid:

"Meredith O'Brien uncovers the messy underbelly of modern motherhood, throws in resentment, anger and of course, blogging, and turns it into a thoroughly entertaining read. Put on a video for the kids and treat yourself to Mortified."

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